Good Debt VS Bad Debt


Dave Ramsey has become very popular by educating people about how to handle their finances. One of his main topics is teaching people to stay out of bad debt. Dave teaches to keep your credit cards paid off and to focus on paying off your house. I have friends who

Cheap Houses vs Good Houses


For real estate investors like myself there’s a certain appeal when we hear “cheap houses” or “cheap houses for sale”. I’ve seen the phrases a lot lately and it’s reminded me of an important rule that Realnet follows, buy houses that are valuable, not houses that are simply “cheap”. Early

Chinese Real Estate Buyers Looking to Buy Properties in the US

04/11/2013 great amount of cash from Chinese real estate buyers continues to pour into the United States real estate properties.  Multi million dollars are paid for luxury homes and hotels on the West and the East Coasts with the major cities like New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco being

How Is Your Credit Score?


Your Credit Score In the real estate world, your credit score is a vital part of the process. Your credit score is a number that represents you to the lender. Because it’s so valuable, you should monitor your credit on a regular basis as well as protect your score from

Real Estate Tax Benefits


Real estate offers many tax benefits. Perhaps the most enticing is the tax deductions that are available to property owners. Real estate is seen as a business, so you get a few more tax benefits than if you’re just a residential home owner. This allows the protection of all your