Every day hundreds of people are making the decision to get out of the cold and move to sunny Florida! I myself grew up in the Midwest and after finishing school decided to make a change and move to Tampa. When people consider buying real estate in Florida, there are many unique characteristics in Florida real estate to consider.

The comment I hear from people who consider buying real estate in Florida is that we don’t have basements here! Florida homes are built on soft soil that is mostly sand. Florida houses are built flat on the ground and the basement is an extreme rarity. This is unlike the northern parts of the country where homes are built on good dirt and with basements.

When people consider buying real estate in Florida the obvious question is where will everything be stored since there are no basements? Floridians have become very efficient people in that we utilize our attic’s and areas above garage. We create storage under beds, and we keep our closets very efficiently organized. Despite our best organizational efforts, many people who are buying real estate in Florida need to do some significant downsizing.

Why Buy Real Estate in Florida?

Another exciting consideration for someone moving to Florida is our unique landscaping options! Florida is home to many unique and tropical plants that would not survive and colder parts of the country. If you are considering buying real estate in Florida, you will have the opportunity to enjoy some exciting tropical landscaping around your home. The most obvious and popular thing people look for in landscaping when they’re buying real estate in Florida is palm trees! People love the tropical feel that palm trees bring to landscape. Queen Palms, Royal Palms, and Washingtonia Palms are some of the very common and popular varieties.

The warm weather in Florida is appealing to people.  I always enjoy talking with people after the first summer in Florida. Many opinions change about summer heat because the Florida sunny day is so warm. When people are considering buying real estate in Florida an unusual thing to consider is shade. A shaded patio in Florida is much more useful in summer time than a patio that does not have a roof or awning. Also, many of the protected trees like Live Oaks, Water Oaks and Grandfather Oaks provide lots of shade which is a terrific place to park your car under, they aid in keeping the house cool if they are able to cast shade on the house, and a shade tree is a perfect place to lounge and enjoy a summer afternoon.

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