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Which real estate brokerage in Tampa is the best? For some people, Tampa‘s best real estate brokerage is the brokerage that makes them the most money! I can’t deny the importance of that answer. In my opinion the best real estate brokerage is the best brokerage from the perspective of the agents.  Certainly, agents are looking for the best pay plan, the best technology, in the least amount of red tape.

Many of Tampa‘s largest and most successful real estate brokerages are asking their agents to do more paperwork only because the brokerage is so big and successful. Successful brokerages spend a lot of money having on staff attorneys who protect the brokerage from any bit of liability. Big brokerages might not be a good fit when looking for the best real estate brokerage. This is because of the paperwork involved.  The Florida real estate commission has clearly outlined requirements for brokerages and their post closing files. The Florida real estate commission has done a great job in this regard.  Hence, they keep the required paperwork to a minimum and there is no red tape.

How to know a good broker

Another consideration for an agent looking for Tampa‘s best real estate brokerage is notoriety. Many agents are more comfortable joining one of Tampa‘s best real estate brokerages if it has been around for a long time and is well known. Experienced agents know that with their expertise and experience they can have high levels of success and work with many happy buyers and sellers regardless of how well known their real estate brokerage is. Realnet Florida Real Estate is a medium size brokerage.

Currently in February 2019 we have 170 agents covering the majority of central Florida. Realnet agents utilize our company logos, colors, marketing materials, and technology to further their business. Our team has expertly branded our company overtime  to provide all the benefits of a big box brokerage. We still offer agents one of the best commission splits you’ll find in the entire state of Florida. An agent shopping for Tampa‘s best real estate brokerage should talk with the brokers and managers of several offices.

Greg Vander Wel , our Realnet Florida Real Estate broker, is actively involved and always available on his cell phone. Our broker is not one of the people who you leave a voicemail and hope to get a return call within the next week. Our broker is the type of person who picks up the phone every time you call and typically has an efficient solution to the issue you are dealing with. Contact our broker directly today at 813-345-4158. We would love to discuss your future real estate plans and help find ways to make you more profitable!

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