When lenders foreclose on a property, they want to get cash quick; the fastest way to do that is to sell the property in a foreclosure auction. A foreclosure auction is a great opportunity for investors to obtain properties at well below market value.

The unfortunate part of buying a foreclosed property at an auction is that they may have other liens besides the mortgage. As with any investment property, you need to evaluate the property to make sure it’s a good deal. Do your research; look into the property to make sure that there isn’t a second mortgage, or overdue taxes. The winner of the foreclosure auction will be expected to take care of any other liens on the property.

If you go to a foreclosure auction, the auctioneer will provide you with a legal description of the property prior to bidding. In order to actively bid at an auction, you usually have to obtain prequalification for financing, but some states allow a certain amount for a deposit, with the remaining balance due within 24 hours. Each state has their own rules, so it’s important to find out your state’s requirements prior to attending a foreclosure auction.

If the foreclosed property does not sell at the auction, it gets added to the bank’s collection of bank owned properties, also known as REO properties.

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