Receive Your Commissions Seamlessly with Direct Deposit for Realtors

Welcome to Realnet Florida Real Estate, where we value the hard work of our agents and offer Direct Deposit Commissions so collecting checks is never a hassle. We’re excited to announce that we now offer direct deposit for commission payments for agents closing 5+ transactions per year, ensuring you receive your earnings quickly and securely.

Why a Direct Deposit Real Estate Broker is the Best Choice for You

Direct Deposit Program Eligibility and Fees

To qualify for our Direct Deposit Program, agents must achieve a minimum of 5 closings per year. Importantly, all administrative costs related to our Direct Deposit system are covered by Realnet Florida. 

Deposits are executed swiftly, with funds hitting your account at midnight on the day the wire is initiated, ensuring immediate access to your earnings.

Getting Set Up with Direct Deposit

When Your Closing is Done, Your Payment is Ready

At Realnet Florida, we redefine financial convenience for our agents. 

For established Realnet agents, once you finalize a closing, simply text a picture of the commission check and the Closing Disclosure to our brokerage. 

We will immediately initiate a wire transfer, ensuring that the funds are deposited into your account by midnight of the closing day. 

This service is a testament to our commitment to our agents, setting us apart as one of the first brokerages in Florida to offer such a seamless payment process.

*Post-Closing documents are 100% required by the brokerage for our Frec Archive.

Common Questions About Direct Deposit Real Estate Brokerage

Commissions Paid FAST!

How long does it take to process direct deposit payments?

Direct deposit payments are processed swiftly; funds hit your account at midnight on the day the wire is initiated by Realnet Florida, ensuring you receive your commissions without delay. 

Yes, you can choose the account for your commission deposits. Simply provide the bank account details when setting up direct deposit with Realnet Florida to receive your funds where it suits you best. 

If there’s an issue with your direct deposit, contact Realnet Florida immediately. Our team will promptly investigate the problem and work diligently to resolve it, ensuring your funds are correctly and quickly deposited. 

You receive your commission by midnight on the closing day itself, immediately after you submit the required documentation, such as a picture of the commission check and Closing Disclosure, to our brokerage.  

To receive your commission on the same day as your closing, simply text a photo of the commission check and the Closing Disclosure to our brokerage. We’ll initiate the wire transfer immediately, ensuring your funds are deposited by midnight.  

There is no risk to you as an agent with this quick payment process. Realnet covers all administrative fees, and our system ensures that your payments are processed swiftly and securely. 

Yes, you will still need to send a copy of your complete file, including contracts, addenda, and disclosures, to the office. This documentation is essential for record-keeping and compliance with real estate regulations. Direct Deposit is only available to Agents who send in their Post-Closing file.  Agents who do not submit their file to Post-Closing will be removed from Direct Deposit eligibility. 

No, there is minimal risk when you provide your personal checking account number for direct deposit purposes. Realnet Florida uses secure systems to protect your information and ensure that your financial data is handled with the highest level of confidentiality and security. 

Direct deposit payments are typically very prompt, but there are a few circumstances that could cause delays. Exceptionally large commissions may require additional processing time to ensure all details are verified correctly. Additionally, while direct deposit is available to all established Realnet agents, new agents need to build a level of trust with the brokerage. Initially, large commission payments to new agents may be held until the brokerage receives the commission check, to ensure all transactions are secure and verified. This process helps maintain the integrity and financial security of both the agents and the brokerage. 

Yes, direct deposit is available for all types of real estate transactions at Realnet Florida, including residential, commercial, land sales and even referrals. This ensures that all our agents can benefit from the convenience and speed of receiving their commissions directly into their bank accounts, regardless of the transaction type.

Yes, you can opt out of direct deposit if you decide it’s not right for you. To discontinue the service, simply notify Realnet Florida, and we will assist you in transitioning back to traditional check payments or another preferred method of receiving your commissions. We aim to accommodate the preferences of all our agents to ensure their comfort and satisfaction with our payment processes. 

Typically, direct deposit payments are configured to go into a single bank account to keep the process straightforward and secure. However, if you need to split your commission payments between multiple accounts, please contact Realnet Florida’s administrative team to discuss your specific requirements. We aim to accommodate our agents’ needs and can explore possible solutions to meet your financial planning preferences.

Ready to Get Started with Direct Deposit?

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