Mike Youngblood:Real Estate Sales Associate and Realtor

Mike Youngblood

Mike Youngblood, with 15 years of seasoned experience in the real estate sector, serves as the Senior Acquisition Associate Realtor at Realnet Florida Real Estate. Specializing in residential properties, Mike has built a reputation for his expertise, dedication, and deep understanding of the Tampa real estate market. A proud resident of Apollo Beach, he not only enjoys the vibrant life on the water but also passionately engages in the local community.  

Mike’s journey in real estate began at Florida State University, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in Finance. This academic background laid the foundation for his successful career, where he enjoys the autonomy and investment opportunities that real estate provides. 

Making a Difference:
Mike is particularly proud of his work in helping multiple homeowners avoid foreclosure, offering solutions in challenging housing situations. His ability to navigate complex transactions and provide win-win scenarios has been a hallmark of his career. 

Life Beyond Real Estate:
When he’s not closing deals, Mike is an avid sports enthusiast. From playing ice hockey to enjoying Tampa Bay Lightning and Bucs games, he’s all about action and team spirit. 

He’s also a family man, cherishing time spent playing sports with his son and exploring new culinary adventures with his wife. 

A lover of the outdoors, Mike finds peace and enjoyment in fishing and relaxing on the water with his family.

Why Real Estate? For Mike, real estate is more than a career—it’s a lifestyle. The idea of working for himself, coupled with the potential of real estate as an investment vehicle, drives his passion. He’s committed to making a tangible difference in his clients’ lives, whether they’re buying their dream home or finding their way out of difficult situations.

Mike’s Promise: As a Senior Acquisition Associate, Mike brings a wealth of knowledge, a strong finance background, and a genuine commitment to his clients’ needs. Whether you’re navigating the complexities of a property sale or looking for investment opportunities, Mike is there to guide you with expertise, integrity, and a personal touch.

Mike Youngblood

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