Unparalleled Agent Support at Realnet:
Your 100% Commission Real Estate Brokerage

Welcome to Realnet, the premier 100% commission brokerage in Florida with unparalleled agent support, where your real estate career can truly flourish. Nestled on Main St in the vibrant city of Tampa, we have been a pivotal part of the local real estate landscape since 1999. With a robust 23+ year track record, we stand proudly as a beacon of expertise, guiding agents through the intricate market dynamics unique to Tampa Bay. At Realnet, we value your hard work, offering an exceptional 100% commission structure that boosts your earning potential like never before.  Along with our popular commission structure is that we do not have territory restrictions!  We invite you to explore our unique platform where you can leverage our wealth of knowledge, honed over two decades, to maximize your success in the competitive Florida real estate market. As a 100% real estate broker with great agent support in Florida, we believe in empowering our agents to retain their well-deserved commission entirely, setting a new industry standard. At Realnet, we’re not just about real estate, we’re about real success, real development, and real rewards. Join us and experience the Realnet difference today!

Work Without Boundaries with Realnet

Welcome to Realnet, your foremost 100% real estate broker in Florida. In the vibrant world of real estate, you need more than just a broker; you need a dedicated partner. And that’s exactly what we offer at Realnet – unwavering commitment, unparalleled support, and an environment that cultivates success.

Embracing Agent Success: The Realnet Ethos

At Realnet, we firmly believe that our agents’ success is our success. This guiding ethos is why we have prioritized building an environment that nurtures your growth, supports your aspirations, and provides you with the tools necessary to excel in this dynamic market.

As the best real estate broker with the most experience in Florida, we strive to provide our agents with a 100% commission split, underscoring our commitment to your financial success.

24/7 Cloud Technologies: Always at Your Service

Dedicated to Your Success

In an era of digital transformation, we understand the value of harnessing the power of technology for real estate transactions. Our cloud technologies are a testament to this understanding. 

With a platform available 24/7, we ensure that you have the necessary tools at your fingertips anytime, anywhere. 

This technological support not only enhances efficiency but also gives you the freedom to work at your own pace, ensuring your success as a Realtor at our 100% commission real estate brokerage.

Greg Vander Wel: A Hands-On Broker

Committed to Your Success

When it comes to supporting our agents, Greg Vander Wel, our hands-on broker, personifies Realnet’s commitment. With a wealth of experience and a passion for real estate, Greg is always ready to assist, guide, and mentor. He prides himself on being the first point of contact when issues arise, offering timely and effective solutions. 

Greg’s proactive approach and dedication ensure that as a Realtor at Realnet, you’re never alone in navigating the challenges of real estate transactions.

Best 100% Commission Broker in Florida
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More Than Just a Brokerage: Realnet's Value Proposition

The Power of Teams: Collaborative Success at Realnet

At Realnet, we appreciate the value of collaboration. Our team-based approach provides a robust platform for new and experienced agents alike to learn, grow, and thrive.

 Our teams not only foster a spirit of cooperation but also facilitate knowledge sharing and mentorship. As a new agent, working within a team provides you with hands-on experience and guidance from seasoned professionals. 

This support accelerates your learning, equipping you with the skills and insights necessary to become a successful Realtor in the competitive Florida real estate market.

Upholding FREC Policies: Navigating Transactions with Confidence

Navigating real estate transactions can be complex, and compliance with the Florida Real Estate Commission (FREC) policies is paramount. 

At Realnet, we prioritize integrity and adherence to these policies, equipping our agents with the knowledge and support to navigate transactions confidently. 

We strive to maintain our reputation as the best real estate broker with the most experience, ensuring that all our practices align with FREC policies.

In Central Florida, Greg Vander Wel serves as a Broker at Realnet Florida Real Estate, a prominent company known for its 100% commission structure. This Real Estate brokerage is conveniently located nearby and is considered one of the best 100% commission companies, with no desk fees.

The Realnet Advantage: Tools and Resources for Agent Growth

Embrace the Realnet Flat Fee Revolution

As a Realtor looking to hang your license with a reputable broker, you need more than just a promise of 100% commission. You need a broker who is invested in your growth and success. 

At Realnet, we provide a range of tools and resources designed to enhance your skills, boost your efficiency, and ensure your growth. 

From comprehensive training modules to round-the-clock tech support, our resources are designed with your success in mind.

Joining Realnet: A Step Towards Comprehensive Support

Taking the step to join Realnet opens the door to a realm of opportunities. As a Realtor at Realnet, you’re not just part of a brokerage, but part of a family committed to your success. 

Our strong reputation, unwavering commitment to support, and lucrative 100% commission split make us the ideal partner for ambitious Realtors seeking to make their mark in Florida’s dynamic real estate market.

The Realnet Advantage: Tools and Resources for Agent Growth

Realnet, Where Agent Support and Success Go Hand-In-Hand

At Realnet, we firmly believe that support and success go hand-in-hand. With our robust support system, progressive approach, and commitment to offering the best 100% real estate broker service in Florida, we ensure that our Realtors have the backing they need to excel. 

So if you’re looking to hang your license with a reputable broker that prioritizes your growth, your search ends with Realnet. Join us and experience the Realnet difference today!