Empowering Realnet Agents:
Cutting-Edge Marketing Strategies

Welcome to Realnet, the premier 100% commission brokerage in Florida with 20+ year experienced broker, where your real estate career can truly flourish. Nestled on Main St in the vibrant city of Tampa, we have been a pivotal part of the local real estate landscape since 1999. With a robust 23+ year track record, we stand proudly as a beacon of expertise, guiding agents through the intricate market dynamics unique to Tampa Bay. At Realnet, we value your hard work, offering an exceptional 100% commission structure that boosts your earning potential like never before.  Along with our popular commission structure is that we do not have territory restrictions!  We invite you to explore our unique platform where you can leverage our wealth of knowledge, honed over two decades, to maximize your success in the competitive Florida real estate market. As a 100% real estate broker with 20+ years experience in Florida, we believe in empowering our agents to retain their well-deserved commission entirely, setting a new industry standard. At Realnet, we’re not just about real estate, we’re about real success, real development, and real rewards. Join us and experience the Realnet difference today!

Embracing the Power of Social Media in Real Estate

If you’re considering hanging your license with a reputable broker offering a 100% commission split, then you’re in the right place. We understand that, as a real estate agent, marketing is a vital part of your success.  

We continuously research and implement the newest marketing concepts and share our deep knowledge of innovative marketing strategies, particularly in social media and video marketing.

Property Syndication Marketing

We provide insights into which platforms yield the best results, how to effectively use these platforms, and best practices to build a solid online presence. 

Whether it’s Facebook’s vast user base, Instagram’s visually appealing platform, LinkedIn’s professional network, or Twitter’s real-time communication, we provide you with the tools and knowledge to harness social media for your success in the real estate industry.

24/7 Cloud Technologies

Pioneering Video Marketing in Real Estate

Video marketing is a game-changer in the real estate industry. From virtual tours to drone footage, video can showcase properties like no other medium. 

At Realnet, we understand the power of video marketing. Our proficiency in this field gives our agents a competitive edge.

We share strategies on creating compelling video content that resonates with potential buyers, ways to optimize video content for SEO, and tips on leveraging platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook for video marketing. 

This knowledge sharing equips our agents to harness video marketing to engage their audience, generate leads, and close deals more effectively.

Sharing Internet Marketing Expertise with Our Agents

Committed to Your Success

Digital marketing is vast and ever-evolving. At Realnet, we stay ahead of the curve, keeping abreast of the newest and best marketing ideas. We then pass this knowledge to our agents, equipping them with up-to-date digital marketing strategies.

Whether it’s search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, content marketing, or email marketing, we offer a wealth of information to our agents. We also offer guidance on website optimization, lead generation tactics, and analytics interpretation. 

This level of support helps our agents develop robust online marketing strategies, contributing to their success in the competitive real estate market.

Best 100% Commission Broker in Florida
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More Than Just a Brokerage: Realnet's Value Proposition

RealnetFlorida.com: A Technologically Advanced Marketing Platform

At the heart of our digital presence is RealnetFlorida.com, a technologically advanced platform that stands out amongst average real estate broker websites. This site isn’t just a listing portal; it’s a tool that our agents can leverage for their marketing strategies.

RealnetFlorida.com boasts a wealth of content, including the entire MLS database for Central Florida!  We are giving users a comprehensive understanding of the properties listed and the local real estate market. The website’s cutting-edge technology ensures a seamless user experience, enhancing potential buyers’ interactions. 

We guide our agents on leveraging this platform for their marketing, by providing “Homes for sale” pages for most every neighborhood in Tampa Bay.  With this platform, we are maximizing the benefits of our technologically advanced website.

Compliance and Integrity in Marketing Practices

At Realnet, we ensure all our marketing activities comply with the Florida Real Estate Commission (FREC) policies. We take the rules and regulations seriously, embedding them in our practices and guiding our agents to do the same. Integrity is at the core of our operations, and this extends to our marketing practices.

Our commitment to adherence to FREC policies and maintaining integrity in our operations positions us as a reputable 100% commission real estate broker in Florida. This assures our agents and their clients of our dedication to ethical business practices.

In Central Florida, Greg Vander Wel serves as a Broker at Realnet Florida Real Estate, a prominent company known for its 100% commission structure. This Real Estate brokerage is conveniently located nearby and is considered one of the best 100% commission companies, with no desk fees.

Join Realnet: Elevate Your Marketing Game

Embrace the Realnet Flat Fee Revolution

If you’re an agent looking to elevate your marketing game, Realnet is your ideal partner. Our knowledge sharing and the extensive resources we provide enable our agents to build and implement effective marketing strategies. 

When you join Realnet, you’re not just joining a brokerage; you’re becoming part of a team dedicated to empowering you for success in the real estate industry.

Conclusion: Experience the Realnet Difference in Marketing

Realnet, Where Agent Support and Success Go Hand-In-Hand

In conclusion, Realnet’s approach to marketing sets it apart as a leading 100% commission real estate broker in Florida. We offer an environment where our agents’ success is our priority. 

We provide the knowledge and resources to excel in marketing in the real estate industry, and our unwavering commitment to compliance and integrity cements our reputation. 

Experience the Realnet difference – join us and let’s elevate your real estate career to new heights.