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Welcome to Realnet, Florida’s premier 100% commission real estate brokerage. We are currently seeking talented and motivated Realtors in Florida to join our team and take advantage of our unique business model. Moreover, as a 100% commission real estate broker in Florida, we offer our agents the opportunity to maximize commissions with no desk fees or E&O costs. In addition to our cutting-edge technology and unparalleled support, we provide our agents with the tools agents need to succeed in the highly competitive world of real estate.

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What is 100% commission real estate broker? Real estate agents are looking for real estate brokers that offer the best commission split in this technological age. They also look for those that utilize technology for efficient real estate brokerage system within the real estate brokerage. 100% commission real estate brokers are a great fit for experienced real estate agents. An inexperienced real estate agent may not be a good fit for a 100% commission real estate broker.

Therefore, agents with lots of experience in real estate would work well with for 100% commission real estate brokers . It also includes agents who maybe previously hung their license with one of the big brokerages. Certainly, the drawback to the big brokerages is the monthly fees and commission splits. Agents should be ready to pay high monthly fees if they want to be associated with well-known real estate brokerages. The agents would need to give a big portion of their commission away to the broker.

$0/Monthly Fee

$295/Closing Fee

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Additionally, many of the big brokerages require agents to give a portion of their commission to teammates, team leaders, and mentors. This can be a good business model for a new agent who needs lots of guidance working through their first few deals. Often times the brokerage with the best commission split is where they want to hang a license, but for an experienced agent who is successfully working on their own deals.

For an agent who enjoys working independently, there is no drawback to joining 100% commission real estate brokerage. 100% real estate brokerages offer full MLS access, access to all the forms and form simplicity. In the case of Realnet Florida real estate, we have a broker who is actively involved in the business everyday. Greg Vander Wel, the broker of the office has 20 years of experience and has closed over 3000 transactions. This experience is a life saver when unusual situations, legal disputes, or emergencies come up.

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The 100% commission agents at Realnet Florida Real Estate are able to utilize our brokers experience to get over hurdles, to solve problems, and most importantly, to find ways for all of us to make more money. Contact us today at 813-345-4158, this is a direct line to the broker of our office who will be happy to answer your questions, discuss your future goals, plans, and path, and see if there is a nice opportunity for us to be productive and successful together! Next: South Tampa’s Best Property managers