Home Staging Tips for a Quick Sale

Home staging tips are very valuable because as homeowners, we spend many hours every day in our home. We are familiar with every detail of the home and are comfortable with the organization…and maybe some clutter!

1) Think like a Buyer

But when it’s time to sell your home, it’s time to think like a buyer! We need to approach the home as if you never lived there. Look at each item and fixture in the home. If an item isn’t serving a purpose or adding decoration, let’s consider putting it in storage.

2) Appeal to the Masses

Sounds simple enough, right? If you repaint, use standard colors that are popular in new homes right now. Generally we recommend beiges, greys and eggshell white for trim.

3) Give the Home a Good Scrubbing

Consider a professional cleaner while your home is on the market. There are several benefits to hiring a professional cleaner, and living in a clean home will help you stay comfortable during this transition time. Additionally, the increased amount of traffic in your home will bring in more dust and dirt.

Having a home cleaner will help you stay ahead of the dirt and keep your home in top showing condition!

4) Depersonalize

Think of how a new home builder would decorate their model home. This is our goal for listing your home. Remove any personal artwork, family photos, financial and tax documents, personal paperwork, and any valuable personal data that needs to remain confidential

5) Give each Room a Purpose

If you have a play/toy room, set the room up as a cozy getaway for the kids and their toys. Make sure your buyers will know that your home is much more organized because the kids items are not strewn across the home!

If you have an office or study, set the room up to be a distraction free place to get work done. Make sure there are no items to clutter the room and definitely make sure the office/study is not a storage area!

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6) Keep Trash Cans Empty

This is another great reason to hire a professional cleaning crew. Food left in a trash can will stink up a house in no time! Make sure to keep the trash cans emptied and if you hire a cleaning crew, have them also empty cans each time they clean the home.

7) Don't Forget the Fridge

Take 30 minutes and go through your refrigerator! Clean out any items that aren’t getting used and check expiration dates on everything. It is not uncommon for prospective buyers will open a refrigerator door during showings, we want to be 100% prepared and tidying up the refrigerator is an important detail. Additionally, remove all the refrigerator magnets you collected on your favorite vacations. Hold onto those magnets and put them up on the fridge in your NEW home!

8) Pantry

Clean and organize pantry, be sure to remove unused items and check expiration labels. Cluttered food areas and expired foods can be a distraction for potential buyers.

9) Lights & Fire Alarms

Make sure all light bulbs are functioning and not burned out. If a bulb is flickering, replace it. Also, smoke detectors have batteries for backup. Once those batteries wear out, the smoke alarm will beep every minute or so. The beep can be a major distraction for potential buyers. Be sure that your smoke detectors have a fresh battery.

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